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Irish Moiled Cattle

Northern Ireland’s Only Native Cattle Breed

The Irish Moiled is one of our rarest and most distinctive breeds. They are the only surviving domestic livestock native to Northern Ireland. Traditionally a dairy cow, it has earned it reputation as a hardy, dual purpose animal, producing milk from poorer quality grazing.

Irish Moiled Cattle enjoying the sun set at Cloughbane Farm

The number of Irish Moiled cattle declined significantly in the 20th century to only 30 purebred animals in the 1970’s due to the introduction of more specialist cattle breeds. However, since the revival of the breed in the early 1980’s numbers are increasing year on year and are now classified as Category 4 (At risk) in RBST watch list compared with category 1 (critical) in early 2000’s.


Breed Features include:

  • Unique markings- mainly red in colour with a white line (finching) down the back and white under-parts, with red ears, red nose and flecked or motted face.
  • Small/ medium size cow
  • Easy kept and do well on extensive systems.
  • Cows can be out winter with minimal poaching of land.
  • Produce ample milk to produce superior calf growth rates
  • Steers fattened easily on grass
  • Placid temperament
  • Calve on their own


 Irish Moiled beef has superb tenderness, is highly marbled and has a distinctive flavour. At Cloughbane it is dry hung and matured for 28 days to ensure maximum taste and tenderness; this is clearly a superb combination as our Irish Moiled Rib Eye Eye Steaks have recently won 3 GOLD Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2012, and our Fillet & T-Bone steaks won 2 GOLD Stars!

Steers can be fattened economically on good quality forage without the need for concentrates and achieve carcass weights of 220-260kg typically R and O grades. Steers now attract a premium price through Crossgar Meats as the Demand is growing for this distinctly flavoured beef.

Did You Know?

To ensure the integrity and validity of the breed’s important gene pool, every animal is DNA profiled and parentage proven before it is registered.

For more information on how you can help to conserve Northern Ireland's only cattle breed, please visit




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