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Cloughbane's well in Uganda - in partnership with Fields of Life

When I was asked to donate some produce for a charity auction for Fields of Life in 2013, little did I think that in September 2014 myself and my son Richard would have the opportunity to visit Uganda to see the incredible work being done by Fields of Life.

Without a doubt, this was the most inspiring and humbling experience of my life.  On visiting some of the wells supported by Fields of Hope, everyone from all the surrounding villages came out to meet us. There was such a carnival atmosphere and everyone from young children to old frail men and women were coming up to us and shaking our hands and saying how thankful they were for the water from the well.

These were people who often had to still walk miles for this water and carry it back on their heads to their village, as one well will service many villages.  I had an overwhelming sense of shame that these people who had so little, in comparison to us in Northern Ireland were being so gracious and thankful for having a well.  Shame that we take so much for granted, water, electricity, food.  We think it is our right to have this, and don’t appreciate that for many this is not the case.

In Uganda, there are still many people dying from drinking water from dirty rivers, and so much more needs to be done.  It was the same when we went to the schools built by Field of Life, the children were so thankful that they were able to get an education, and when I asked one little girl what she wanted to do, she said be a doctor so that she could help her people. She said this would make her so happy.

When Richard and I came back and discussed all we had seen with the rest of the family it was decided we would put in a well.  We have been sent more pictures of the Ugandan people enjoying the well and for us, it is so humbling to see. One day I would like to go back and visit the people in the villages around the well.  I wish we could do more, and intend to fund raise in the future towards helping the Ugandan people, through Fields of Life.