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Aberdeen Angus and Limousin CattleCloughbane [translated from the Irish meaning ‘White Stone’] near Dungannon in County Tyrone is a home with a history.  Built in 1830, it is famed as the birthplace of the United States Senator Tener Oliver (1848 – 1919).

Today  Cloughbane Farm is owned and run by our family, the Robinsons, the third and fourth generation of the family to have farmed here.  Our family farm is run by myself, Lorna and my husband Sam Robinson alongside our two sons Robert and Richard.  Clare, our daughter who is a nurse, helps out at the Farm Shop at our busy times.

Sam enthuses, ‘We are fortunate to be farming in the lush green grass of County Tyrone, right in the center of Northern Ireland.  Our 180 acre farm, set in green fertile pasture, produces beef and lamb of the finest quality.  With years of experience we are well aware of the provenance and quality of our food’. 


Farm SceneryOur 28 days Matured Beef and 10/14 Days Matured Lamb
‘All our beef is sourced from our own farm or that of neighbouring farms, who rear cattle to the same high standard as our own’, Robert adds  ‘At Cloughbane we use only female beef and lamb, as we believe they produce a more tender, sweeter meat.  Our beef is mostly Aberdeen Angus / Limousine crosses that gives a great balance between lean and fat which produces beef with flavour and quality, allied with our 28 day hanging period to allow the meat to become tender and succelent.  Maturing beef for 28 days and lamb for 10-14 days and all dry hung on the bone; we believe makes for a much better quality end product’.

To which, Lorna remarks, ‘We have combined this top class home produced meat with fresh, natural, local ingredients to provide a range of irresistibly delicious, wholesome dishes’.

‘My family history in farming stretches back over 150 years in County Tyrone, so whether it’s our home reared lamb or beef bought uncooked, or one of our tasty pies or meals, we cant be beaten for quality or flavour,’ says Richard.

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