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The Environment


At Cloughbane we are doing our bit to become more ‘green’ and help tackle climate change.


Our electricity is sourced from a company which uses wind power to generate electricity, reducing our carbon footprint.  Our lights are sensor controlled; this ensures that lights are not left on for periods that they are not needed.


On our farm we are part of the Countryside Management Programme, which helps to encourage wildlife and increases the planting of trees.  We also source our lamb and beef from either our own farm or nearby farms, thus reducing food miles.


In our cooked room kitchens we have invested in equipment that is highly energy efficient.  We also use the steam released in the production of our products to reheat our water.


We re-use paper before recycling it, as well as recycling cardboard, plastics and ink cartridges.


We also encourage staff to car share, or walk or cycle if they live nearby.

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