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Local Produce available at our Farm Shop

Local Produce available at Cloughbane Farm ShopAs now widely advocated by top chefs, such as Jamie Oliver, the old tradition of hanging meat for longer leads to maximum taste and tenderness. At Cloughbane our prime cuts of beef are matured for 28 days, leading to steaks and roasts that "melt in your mouth."

Our lamb comes from Texel cross sheep and only the best grades are used resulting in very lean and tender lamb.

Chicken is also locally produced and comes from "Dickies." With so many food scares in recent years it is more important than ever before to buy locally produced meat that is guaranteed to be free from the hormones etc that are widely used in many of the countries that now export to Northern Ireland.

Cloughbane Farm Shop Yard EntranceAll our pork is produced in Northern Ireland, with Armstrong and Grant's meats supplying their superb range of pork products. We also traditionally cure our own bacon, with three cures to choose from including traditional dry cure, sweet cure and smoked.

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The summer barbeque season is extremely busy. Our customers can select from the wide range of beef, lamb, chicken and pork, together with a wide selection of salads, drinks and much, much more.

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