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Welcome to Cloughbane Farm Foods Trade Customer Ordering

Award-winning produce, direct from our farm, to your local store.

Online Ordering

We are pleased to announce our new online ordering service for retail customers. This will speed up your ordering process and allow you to see our full range of products. In order to register for this service, please create an account below, providing all the required details, or telephone the office on 028 8775 8246. Once you have been verified by our staff, you will receive a confirmation email where you can then log in and set your password.

New Retail Customers

All our retail customers enjoy exceptional POS materials. Photographs of the family farm appear on the labels, the rich red colour ensures that Cloughbane products stand out on the shelves and shelf talkers and strips complete the picture. At Cloughbane we believe one of the key reasons our produce is so successful for our retail customers, is the huge swing towards consumers demand for local food. To this end Cloughbane certainly ticks all the boxes. Our delicious range of cooked products are made from meat either from our own farm or from neighbouring farms. The experience is further enhanced, as all the pies are then hand crafted in our cook kitchen on our own farm. Food miles are also key for consumers making choices. Again, exceptionally low food miles gives your customers another very good reason to choose Cloughbane.