Food Service

The warmth of a home-made meal

Cloughbane range of catering / foodservice products are made with the same great quality, store cupboard ingredients as our retail range.

We don’t have fancy chef’s just good honest cooks creating traditional wholesome meals. So, your meals will taste as if they were homemade!

Why Cloughbane?

All products are produced from our BRC AA Facility- so you can be assured of the quality of all the products. Economic constraints may mean you no longer have the time or the resources to cook the meals yourself. Cloughbane meals not only offer a delicious, convenient and easily cooked solution to this but also ensures consistent quality.

Products on offer within our Foodservice selection include:

  • CC005 Deli Lasagne
  • CC012 Deli Cottage Pie
  • CC015 Deli Chicken & Broccoli Bake
  • CC020 Deli Irish Stew
  • CC100 Deli Vegetable Soup
  • CC030 Deli Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie
  • CC035 Deli Savoury Mince Pie
  • CC040 Deli Steak, Onion & Mushroom Pie
  • CC222 Deli Chicken Curry
  • CC221 Deli Mince & Veg
  • CC360 Deli Vegetable Lasagne
  • CC365 Deli Vegetable Pasta Bake
  • CC055 Deli Stuffing
  • CC060 Deli Stuffing
  • CC031 Deli Cloughbane Champ
  • CC260 Deli Cloughbane Mash Potatoes
  • CC246 Deli Carrot & Parsnip
  • CC250 Deli Garlic Fries
  • CC255 Deli Chilli Fries
  • CC261 Deli Cooked Rice

At Cloughbane we create a taste from home; A Taste You Can Trust!