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Our family, the Robinsons has been farming at Cloughbane for around 150 years and is now in its fourth generation.

Up until 2002, it was, pure and simply, a farm, selling our beef, lamb and free range eggs to wholesalers.

In 2002 our local council in Dungannon decided to set up a farmer’s market and invited us to be founder members and help get it off the ground. We sold our lamb and beef reared direct from our farm and it proved very popular and demand for it grew.

We decided to set up a Farm Shop on our farm where we started selling our own beef and lamb.

It was a steep learning curve, as it was new to all of us; but business grew steadily and, in 2004, we converted a larger building (formerly a pig house, then a sheep pen) into what is now the shop, which features a 12-foot butchery serve over counter, three other chiller cabinets for our own and other locally sourced products, fruit and vegetables plus some ambient lines. 

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