Little Farm

Helping the little ones

When I became a granny (of 4 beautiful grandchildren- not at all biased!) I realised the pressure parents face to create healthy, delicious meals for their kids; this is why I decided to create Cloughbane Little Farm Meals.

The meals have been specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing kids and contain no artificial additives or preservatives. As well as being healthy and locally made (we’re based in Co. Tyrone), taste tests also show that it is very tasty too!

Kids Veggie Bake
Kids Meal Chicken & Veggie Mash
Kids Meal Mac & Cheese
Kids Meals Mince & Veggie Mash
Kids Veggie Bake

A little bit of their creative colour certainly goes a long way

Colouring in

Download our Cloughbane Little Farm colouring in pages.

It might seem like a simple task but encouraging your child to colour in can greatly improve their fine motor development especially when gripping the pencil or crayon, it can help to improve their concentration, hand & eye coordination and of course allow them to showcase their creative flare, so download one of our Cloughbane Little Farm Colouring Pages now – why not share their masterpiece with us on one of our social media channels!

Colour me in!

Mince & Veggie Mash

Colour me in!

Chicken & Veggie Mash

Colour me in!

Mac & Cheese

Colour me in!

Veggie Bake