Pre-Packed Meats

The warmth of a home-made meal

Cloughbane range of pre-pack meat includes all your family favourites including our Lean Mince Beef, Steak Pieces, Burgers, Vegetable Roll & our delicious Sausages, which have been handmade and tied by our expert in house butcher!

As with all of the Cloughbane meat all Beef is locally sourced and dry hung for 28 days to ensure maximum taste and tenderness. All pork is also locally sourced so you can be assured that Cloughbane pre-pack butchery offerings are a true “Taste You Can Trust”.


  • PB007 Premium Steak Mince (400g)
  • PB208 Traditional Beef Sausages (400g)
  • PB212 Pepper Beef Sausages (400g)
  • PB117 Steak Pieces (350g)
  • PB201 Breakfast Value Pack (480g)
  • PB061 Braising Steak (350g)
  • PB051 Frying Steak (300g)
  • PB132 Vegetable Roll (400g)
  • PB126 Chilli Willi Stir- Fry (400g)
  • PB010 Steak Burgers x 4 (450g)
  • PB015 Steak Burgers x 2 (225g)
  • PB020 Peppered Burgers x 4 (480g)
  • PB025 Peppered Burgers x 2 (235g)
  • PB030 Chilli Burgers x 4 (480g)
  • PB035 Chilli Burgers x 2 (235g)
  • PB071 Plain Minute Steaks (400g)
  • PB081 Pepper Minute Steaks (400g)


  • PP008 Traditional Pork Sausages (400g)
  • PP012 Pork & Leek Sausages (400g)
  • PP037 Boneless Pork Chops (400g)
  • PP041 Peppered Pork Chops (400g)
  • PP057 Meaty Pork Ribs (500g)
  • PP045 Pork & Apple Burgers x 4 (450g)

The Cloughbane prepack butchery offerings are available to buy at various independent outlets across Northern Ireland.